Welcome to the OOB-n1 Framework

The framework
This project is intended to be a complete PHP5 Framework, based basically on the builder pattern and developed under the BSD License.
Its meant to work under IIS/Apache and Win/*NIX enviroments without modifications.

The idea behing the framework, is that it'll give you all the tools needed to develop any application you might want, as "modules" to the system.

It is a very OO approach, where the modules can be OO or not, that´s not something the framework enforces, even if it´s really recommended.

Versions and Builds

The development cycle is made of "Builds" wich can be used to know how the system per-se is evolving, and "milestone-releases" called "Versions".

You can get the different versions from the main-branch of the download section on sourforge, or use CVS.

Development eviroment

All the development is being made under PHP-Eclipse, with PHP5.x , and Apache 2.x (stable releases).
Al files are meant to be UTF-8 encoded.


If you are a PHP developer, an SQL guru, or a Graphic Designer, and are interested on working to make this a usefull framework, I'd love to hear from you!

Here you'll find my planed schedule for the next milestone releases, and what functionality they'll add or improve.

Expected Date
User validation module
build 10
close all project "tasks"
build 11
Final Version 1
build 12 (V1)
Money and Numeric localization
build 13
Error handler improvement
build 14
Linker Module
build 15 - 19
Security Module
build 20 - 25
Engine Errors localization
build 26
Bug fixes (if any)
build 27
Final Version 2
build 28 (V2)
Charset conversion
build 29
build 30
document generator
(rtf,pdf,cvs, oob-write)
build 31
document parser (rtf,html,xls,doc,csv,oob-*)
build 32
Final Version 3
build 33 (V3)

Actual Status

So far the Framework is not really finished, as there are some pieces missing. Localization specially.
But it works as expected (what has been developed so far).

To download the framework, click here

Problems, suggestions, improvements
Use the SourceForge services (mailing lists, bug-tracker, etc)

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